Going to look into the color purple!

I've been doing a mix of reading and listening to audiobooks via the app my library has for free. This month I've listened to a church called tov by scot mcknight and Laura Barringer, once upon a wardrobe by Patti callahan and everybody always by Bob goff. I recommend them in reverse order of their listing - not because the first listed was bad by any means but the others were SO good. I read stories we tell by Joanna Gaines and why calories count by..... Some brilliant scientists name I can't recall at the moment

God is speaking to me through themes in these books and I am really thankful for it

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Chelsea, I love how my books seem to speak to each other and it's like a long conversation from people who don't know each other. Your books sound great. I've read a Church Called Tov but not the others. Thanks for sharing!

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