Why Becoming?

People who follow Jesus are in the process of continual transformation, becoming more human, more like their actual selves, more like Christ. This is a space for us to take long, slow looks at that transformation and the many ways we change.

In this transformation, God does the work in us, but we are also invited to participate in that work. There is a holy mystery in the way the God who is above all remains determined to partner with humans to accomplish His work in the world. We yield to God’s Spirit and we remain responsible for our lives.

Becoming is a place for those like you interested in theology and real life and the ways what we believe should intersect with how we live. Becoming will show up in your inbox on Sundays and we will discuss practices of the faith, women and the Bible, books, seminary, and the sacredness of our everyday lives. You’re welcome to join us; I’d love to have you share this space.

In addition to the free Sunday emails, paid subscribers receive content two Thursdays of the month: once-a-month posts on what I’ve been reading and a monthly Five Things Edition. There will also be occasional goodies such as sermons, videos, Q+R’s, and interviews.

Paying for a subscription is a way of support that exists outside of algorithms and advertisements. So gather your latte or a sparkling water, settle in, and be sure to leave a comment.

Who’s Writing?

Hi, I’m Lisa! I’m an Mdiv student, a mom, a writer. I’m a woman who cares deeply about the local church and the people who don’t feel they have a place in the church. I’m glad you’re here. I transitioned my newsletter to Substack during a summer break from Instagram when I realized that I did not want to return to that space but still wanted a place for comments and conversations and easily accessible archives.

I am the groups coordinator at our local church and am passionate about women in ministry and what it means to follow Jesus and not just “believe” in Jesus while we continue on with our lives. I attend Fuller Seminary and write on my blog as well as here.

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a long look at our slow transformation


Lisa Hensley

Writer. Seminary student. Mother. www.lisahensley.me