Sitemap - 2022 - Becoming by Lisa Hensley

November and December Books

15 years of marriage

An Internet Roundup

An Advent Sermon on Peace

We can change when we need to

Reaching the world

The problem with gender stereotypes

Letting the tension guide us

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What do we do with our bad habits

Our words about motherhood

The power of metanarrative

A special request

October Books

Agency versus control

An Internet Roundup

Tracing God's Faithfulness

Saying 'yes' to Hebrew

A quiet rebellion of the Spirit

Motherhood and neurodivergence

Why bother with the practices?

September Books

Ways of Walking: sabbath

Entering new season

Reading the Bible forward

1 Thessalonians 2

Vacation Hangovers

Seminary 201: dealing with the failings

An interview with Lore Wilbert

The paradox of motherhood

The Girls at 17 Swann Street

August Books

Ways of Walking: food

The difficulty of being a beginner

Priests and pastors: a contrast

Seminary 201: texts for my summer class

The practice of presence

Motherhood and becoming

The "one another" of the kingdom

July Books

What we think about when we read

Seminary 201: Who's Talking?

Introducing a new series

Ways we understand God

Announcing this move to Substack

The historical view of women

When social media disciples us

The beauty of our life with God

Seminary 101: aim for a challenge

Male pronouns for God

The practice of paying attention

Book review: Raising Critical Thinkers

A summer direction

Seminary 101: take your vocation with you

When you're searching for identity

Hearing God's voice

Why I reread books

An Easter celebration

Journaling with our kids

Seminary 101: what's the goal?

What alcohol and social media have in common

Why Place Matters

Seminary 101: if you don't go

My favorite woman in Scripture