Sitemap - 2023 - Becoming by Lisa Hensley

My Favorite Books of 2023

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Unsolicited Advice

Nobody's Mother: a book review

November Books

Becoming interesting and goodness from the internet

Growing Up

#chasingtinydelights community edition

Big Sister Energy

September and October Books

The Stories of Women: Dr. Mimi Haddad

Taylor Swift and goodness from the internet

I quit Instagram. Again.

Two books I couldn't put down

Passing on the faith

The stories of women: Jarena Lee

Talking about the church

Five Things Edition: stepping toward fall

Tiny steps toward seminary

Food in our memories

August Books: academic reading and children's books

Not-so-spiritual advice for transitions

Five Things Edition: life's complicated

Ending eras, making magic, and marking time

Friendship and community

Paying attention to context

June + July Books

The stories of women: a new series

The stories of women

Five Things Edition: pseudo-IG captions

Reading Scripture: refusing the practical

Internet Roundup

Inroads to transformation

Small Summer Resolves

May Books

Reading Scripture: leading with questions

Internet Roundup

Writing about motherhood

Low stress dinner invitations

For the love of books

April Books

Ted Lasso to eschatology in five easy steps

Internet Roundup

Sharing the gospel with children

Ode to the car ride

Benefits of the enneagram

March Books

Featuring: Ashlee Gadd

Fueling endurance

Mind Movies and Capacity

February Books

Picking your teachers

Internet Roundup

Who am I anyway?

Making peace with slow growth

Fresh wind

January Books

Internet Roundup

What Moses teaches me about goal setting

Top 15 Books of 2022